Dale Gatcum: “The Wine Guys Wine Guide” to be released this December

21 11 2008

This December, “The Wine Guys Wine Guide” will be released, the first of 4 books by Dale Gatcum. It’s a 30 page wine guide for people who either know nothing about wine or know a little and would like to know more. Dale has a ‘hands on’, ‘down-to-earth’ style and ‘The Wine Guys Wine Guide’ sets out to demystify wine and make it accessible to everyone.

A three further books in the series will follow, they include; The Wine Guys Guide to Organic Wines, (Release date March 09), The Wine Guys Guide to New World Wines and the Wine Guys Guide to Old World Wines, (both to be released late 09).

The first book will be widely available in all good Off Licences for €4.99 and the Next Door Off Licence Group, 50 stores nationwide; will have the first 5,000 copies. Further info on how to get a copy here or contact Dale direct at: dalegatcum@gmail.com.

Dale is also a Wine Buyer and Consultant for the Next Door Off Licence Group and he will be attending the Wine Pleasures Workshops March 2009 and has informed us that he will be especially interested in Organic and biodynamic wines at the International Organic Workshop in Sitges (Barcelona) Spain.




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