Fancy a full-bodied red, Sir?

1 12 2008

playboyJust put been reading Bin Ends in a recent copy of Harpers. Turns out that the Playboy magazine is launching a wine club with limited edition wines. “Each bottle is tastefully adorned with a photo label featuring a cover of the magazine from the 1960s and 70s.

And what about the wine? Producers (or playmates) include Napa’s Janzen, Tuscany’s Tenuta Guido Guidalberto and Rioja’s Roda. Apparently the wine in each bottle is meant to reflect the qualities of the specific cover model (though we find it hard to write a tasting note using the terms blond, blue-eyed and busty)”playboy-2

Well we’ve had wine and music matching, cinema and wine matching and even theatre play and wine matching which is all pretty subjective stuff in my view. Now we’ve got wine and playmate matching.

Order a bottle of Roda Cirsion 2005(DO La Rioja) for just 379,99 USD!




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