Vijazz Penedès: Matching Penedès Wine & Cava with International Jazz

1 12 2008


Wine Pleasures International Wine Tourism Conference & Workshop

Speaker: Francesc Palau Viarnès Acadèmia Tastavins Penedèsfotografia-francesc-palau11

Vijazz Penedès offers a complete weekend for wine and jazz lovers. The most famous Penedès wineries offer their wines and cavas in a fair in the historical centre of Vilafranca del Penedès together with and International Jazz Festival with free entrance. An enomusical event that mixes wines&cavas of 50 cellars of the Penedès area with concerts of cutting age international artists or jazz bands.

Vijazz Penedès is a wine fair for general public and an international jazz festival with free entrance. It’s an enomusical event, mixing wine with jazz music. It is organized by the Academia Tastavins del Penedès, an independent and non-profit wine academy with 600 members, with the support of the public administration, wine institutions and sponsors. The presentation exposes the Vijazz as an example of cooperation between the wineries and the administration and institutions to create a successful event that associates the Penedès wine with a high cultural festival, attracting premium consumers and sponsors. And this cooperation is held by a non-profit wine academy, that offers independency to the wineries and flexibility and capability to the administration and institution. The academy is able to discuss with sponsors, music intermediaries, media, wineries and politicians without being seen as an interested party due to its position of a non-profit organization. We present the marketing and communication plan, the sponsorship strategy, the artistic direction and the activity programme for the visitors. We will show how we attract wineries to the fair, how we get some of the best international jazz artists, how we prepare Taylor-made sponsorship plans and how we prepare an atractive programme to the visitors, with all the alternative activities. Finally we present the communication plan to attract visitors and media. We will present the most interesting figures of the first and second editions, including the results of evaluation questionnaires to the wineries.



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6 07 2009
Vijazz, Vilafranca del Penedès wine & jazz festival « Wine Pleasures

[…] bustling hive of activity as they prepared for the events of the night, we were lucky to bump into Francesc Palau who was free for an interview. It was from him that I learnt of the attempts of the Penedes region […]

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