Wine Tourism Conference

Wine Pleasures International Wine Tourism Conference & Workshop

Wine Tourism Conference

The 1st Wine Pleasures International Wine Tourism Conference and Workshop will be held at the Port Sitges Resort, Sitges (Barcelona), Spain from 24 to 28 January.

The 1st Wine Pleasures International Wine Toursim Conference and Workshop will bring together wine tourism professionals from around the world to discuss, reflecton and develop their ideas. The conference programme will offer many opportunities for professional contact and  development. It involves a three-day programme of over 40 seminars, talks, workshops, panel discussions and plenary sessions. It also gives delegates a chance to meet leading authorities on wine tourism and exchange ideas with fellow professionals from all sectors of wine tourism.

Prospective contributors are invited to offer presentations by completing the Speaker Proposal Form. Proposals may be for talks, seminars, discussions or as a contibution to a panel discussion.

Pre-registration for the conference Registration is opn to any member of the public who wishes to

attend the conference. You will see that Wine Pleaures also offers a single day attendance fee.

To register for the conference, please us the Delegate Registration Form or register online at Delegate Registration Form. Speakers must register using the the Speaker Proposal Form.

Joint presenters must send separate speaker registration forms

Wine Tourism Workshop

In contrast to trade fairs and exhibitions, the Wine Pleasures Workshop is closed to the general public, and takes place in a private environment perfect for pre-scheduled one-to-one business meetings between wine experience providers (wineries, hotels, restaurants, cultural venues and so on) and travel professionals selected for their quality and credentials. Wine Pleasures invites more agents than providers to ensure that the latter can fill each available appointment slot with useful and relevant contacts. In addition to targeted appointments, lunches, refreshment breaks and evening receptions offer further valuable networking opportunities in a relaxed atmosphere.

Wine experience providers will value the Wine Pleasures workshop because they can meet a diverse range of wine tourism agents from all over the world. They can increase their wine tourist bookings by meeting and appointing new agents, extending relationships with existing contacts, obtaining market intelligence and feedback, and promoting their brand in the international wine tourism marketplace.

They will appreciate how the Wine Pleasures Workshop will cut down the amount of time and travel required to manage their business relationships.

Why attend?

  • Easily develop partnerships with quality wine experience partners from all over Europe
  • Increase client numbers by gaining new contacts and new provider agreements
  • Expand and diversify client reach
  • Broaden and diversify product portfolio of different tourism options & destinations
  • Maintain existing contacts and promotional networks
  • Promote your agency to key players within the wine experience industry
  • Obtain market intelligence and information on latest developments
  • Maximise time, effort and budget

Who Will Attend?

  • European wine experience providers (wineries, hotels & restaurants, incoming agents, tourist boards, cultural institutions, transport providers) wishing to meet with quality agents from all over the world
  • International agents wishing to meet with wine experience providers from all over Europe
  • Wine tourism professionals who attend to ensure that they keep up with their european contacts and keep their organisation or company brand recognition strong within the industry
  • Service providers who will be exhibiting and who have products and / or services related to wine tourism
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2 responses

15 01 2009
Paul Sinclair

Put me on the list , please. Paul

26 01 2009

Hi Anthony
Here you have my presentation from yesterday Event Management in Wine Tourism.

This conference has been really very interesting and I look forward for the next one in 2010.
Best regards,

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