Wine Pleasures Workshops


Wine Pleasures Workshops: Buyer meets Cellar

Wine Pleasures Workshops bring together small to medium sized wine producers who do not usually take part in the large wine & food trade fairs with buyers (importers, wholesalers, agents/brokers and retailers), with the aim of establishing business relationships between them.foto12

Over two and a half days, buyers hold personalised and productive, pre-arranged meetings and tastings with carefully selected wineries in a private meeting environment.

Buyers are hosted at Wine Pleausres Workshops according to their geographical location (only 4-6 Buyers from any one country) and providing they meet our selection criteria.

Buyers appreciate the Wine Pleasures Workshops because they can find new wine suppliers not normally present in the large trade fairs, meet the winemaker in a highly personalised setting, taste the latest vintages, discuss imports, prices and timescales, discover new products and attractive labelling and packaging, and appreciate the excellence in price-quality.

Dates and venues for the Wine Pleasures Workshops 2009 are as follows:

Buyer meets Spanish Cellar (15 – 17 March) Hotel Port Sitges Resort, Sitges (Barcelona) Spain

International Organic Workshop (17 – 19 March) Hotel Port Sitges Resort, Sitges (Barcelona) Spain

Buyer meets Italian Cellar (18 – 20 May) Villa Pace Park Hotel Bolognese, Treviso (Veneto) Italy


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